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Cast Iron Weight Plates in Black/White

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Cast Iron Weight Plates

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Treat yourself to these stunning cast iron Olympic weight plates and build the body of your dreams, and achieve your fitness goals. These classic Olympic weight plates come in a sleek matte black finish with white lettering and numbering. There's nothing like the sound of iron weights when lifting. These are the kind of weights that built the physiques of the golden era bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

The 35's were intentionally left out. Why settle for 35 lbs weight plates when you can have more 45 lbs plates instead!

These weight plates will give you a lifetime of gains, and then you can pass the torch to your grandkids to continue the tradition and create generational gains.

Perfect for home and commercial gyms.

These Weight Plates Feature:

  • Weight accuracy within +/- 2-3% of listed weight
  • A 50 mm aperture for Olympic sized barbells
  • An aesthetic standard barbell design

Available in the following sets:

  • 90 lbs - 2 x 45 lbs (45's are sold in pairs)
  • 95 lbs - 2 x 2.5 lbs, 4 x 5 lbs, 2 x 10 lbs, 2 x 25 lbs

*Please note that at this time, pickup/delivery options are limited to the Greater Vancouver region. 

*Please also note that through the casting process, weight plates may have some imperfections.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page or send us an email at

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