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Functional Trainer (300 lbs Weight Stacks)

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One of the best, and most versatile machines to have in a home gym. The two adjustable pulleys allow for a variety of options, and allow you to work out your whole body with both cables working independently. Our Sato Muscle functional trainer features two dual 300 lbs weight stacks in 10 lbs increments, which is plenty of weight for most cable exercises. This machine is perfect for those 300 lbs cable lateral raises. The heavy duty steel frame is built to last, and features aluminum pulleys that are more durable than nylon pulleys. The sides feature 21 total height adjustments for the pulleys which are laser etched and allows you to get the perfect height adjustment regardless of your height. The 90 inch height is perfect as it fits under an 8 foot ceiling (more ceiling height may be recommended for pullups). This taller height allows for taller users to do tricep pushdown with sufficient range of motion. This machine is a great addition to a power rack setup as you can use it to do all your additional accessory work or even use it standalone, for a full body workout. This functional trainer has 10 large accessory hooks which allow for plenty of storage for all your cable attachments, and you can store multiple attachments on a single hook. This machine includes two d-handles, a rope attachment, a v-bar attachment, ankle attachment, and a straight curl bar which is everything needed to work out your whole body. This machine also comes with an additional pullup bar in a different style, and you install either option.

Free Vancouver freight deliveries are included (curbside delivery). Note that this machine comes partially assembled in a large wooden crate.

This machine includes everything you need to workout your whole body:

  • two d-handles
  • a rope attachment
  • a v-bar attachment
  • ankle attachment
  • a straight curl bar

This Functional Trainer Features:

  • Matte black finish
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm thick steel main frame construction with thicker steel used throughout
  • Aluminum pulleys
  • 2 x 300 lbs weight stacks in 10 pound increments (not KG)
  • 10 large accessory hooks
  • 21 total height adjustment holes
  • 90.5 inch tall height (ok for 8 foot ceilings)
  • Comes with two handles, rope, ankle attachment, straight bar and a v-bar attachment
  • Two different pullup bar styles
  • Premium rubber handles with silver end caps
  • Rubber feet
  • 2:1 pulley ratio
  • L: 40 inches x W: 69 inches x H: 90.5 inches
  • Residential Warranty: 1 year for frame, parts (including pulleys), attachments, and 6 months for handles.
  • Commercial Warranty: 3 months for frame, parts (including pulleys), attachments, and handles.

*Please make note of the measurements above as this is a large machine and sufficient space is needed.

*Please note that the functional trainer will come delivered partially assembled in large wooden crates and will be shipped via a freight carrier (curbside).

*Please note that at this time, delivery options are limited to the Greater Vancouver region. 

*Warranty and Refund Policy.

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