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Linear Leg Press

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Better than squats? No, but definitely great to have. Our Sato Muscle leg press is perfect for adding additional volume to your leg workouts, or a good alternative if you’re not able to squat. The four weight horns allow for plenty of weight to be added to the leg press, and it has four additional storage weight horns in the back. This leg press uses four heavy duty nylon rollers which allow for very smooth operation. There are two safety catches on the sides which have one adjustment for users with shorter legs, and another for those with longer legs. The built in adjustable safety catch also has four adjustments which act as additional safety backup when using the leg press. The leg press also features four adjustments for the back pad which allows users with various builds to use the leg press to increase/decrease the range of motion. This leg press is not recommended for taller users with an inseam longer than 35 inches to ensure sufficient range of motion. Free Vancouver deliveries are included. 

This Linear Leg Press Machine Features:

  • Matte black finish
  • Heavy duty 2.75mm thick steel main frame construction with thicker steel used throughout
  • PU Leather
  • Large 30 x 23.75 inch textured footplate
  • Two grip footplates in the middle of the machine
  • Premium rubber handles with silver end caps for the safety catches
  • Rubber feet with holes that allow for the machine to be bolted down
  • 4 adjustable seat heights
  • 2 side safety catches with 2 adjustments
  • 2 backup safety catch with 4 adjustments
  • L: 85 inches x W: 66 inches x H: 61 inches
  • 880 lbs recommended max weight capacity
  • Starting resistance: 100 lbs
  • Total Weight: 629 lbs
  • Residential Warranty: 3 years for frame, 2 years for rollers, 6 months for handles, and 90 days for upholstery.
  • Commercial Warranty: 3 months for frame, rollers, handles, and upholstery.

*Please make note of the measurements above as this is a large machine and sufficient space is needed especially around the carriage as it moves up and down.

*Please note that this leg press is not recommended for taller users with an inseam longer than 35 inches to ensure sufficient range of motion.

*Please note that the leg press will come delivered as individually packaged parts.

*Please note that at this time, pickup/delivery options are limited to the Greater Vancouver region. 

*Warranty and Refund Policy.

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