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CPU Urethane Dumbbell Pairs

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Urethane Dumbbell Pairs

Legitimize your home gym with these commercial grade dumbbells. These stunning CPU Urethane dumbbells are available in pairs of 5-50 lbs in increments of 5, and free Vancouver delivery is included with orders over $400. These dumbbells come in a sleek matte black finish with white lettering and numbering. These urethane dumbbells are not only functional but stylish as well, and feature large easy to read numbers. Urethane dumbbells do not have an odour, are very durable, resistant to cracking/degrading, they will last a long time, they will maintain their look, and they can be used in a commercial setting. Not only are the dumbbells painted with the lettering/numbering, but these are laser etched into the dumbbell and will maintain their look far longer than other dumbbells. No need to baby these dumbbells, and they can be dropped on softer surfaces and generally require less maintenance. These dumbbells have a straight medium knurled handle which feels great and well balanced in the hands. These dumbbells are compact as well and great for all kinds of movements.

These Dumbbells Feature: 

  • Matte black finish with white numbering/lettering
  • +/- 3% weight tolerance
  • 6 inch handle
  • 32 mm handle diameter
  • Medium knurling
  • Laser engraved lettering/numbering 
  • Large easy to read numbers
  • CPU Urethane
  • Urethane coating on fully welded steel handle
  • No odour
  • More durable than rubber, can be used in a commercial setting

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    *Dumbbell rack not included.

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