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USED: Northern Lights 2x3 inch Power Rack

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Selling a lightly Used Northern Lights Crossbox power rack, purchased new and used for a couple of years and is in good condition. This 2x3 power rack is made from 11 gauge steel and is made in Canada.

- All hardware
- 4 x 2x3 90 inch posts
- 4 x 2x3 30 inch crossmembers
- 2 x 2x3 43 inch crossmembers
- 2 x J Hooks
- 1 x 43 x 1.25 inch pullup bar
- 2 x pin/pipe safeties
- 2 x flip down safeties

If you have any questions please send us an email at

As this is a used product, no warranty is included.